Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Week With The Browns Minus One

OK- So I think this may be the most pictures I've posted in one time. Sorry - just didn't want to leave any out. My sister Jen and her three kids (Caleb, Josh and Lauren) came to visit last week while her husband, Shaun was taking a sabbatical. We had such a great time together. Family is such a precious gift from God!
We played in the creek, went bike riding, played put-put golf, went to the park, played tennis, went swimming in the lake, went on the boat, went fishing, and went blueberry picking. The kids all had a blast together and were worn out by the end of the day.
Oh, I forgot to mention.... we have TONS of frogs/toads around our house (I HATE them with a passion) and Josh and Caleb LOVE them! So they spent many hours playing with frogs of all sizes. (huge momma ones and tiny baby ones) What more can a boy ask for? I was happy they were taking most of them away from my house!

The new park - Josh and Will in the sand/rock pit.

Caleb and Lauren on the horses.

Eating smores by the campfire one night.

Lauren eating her first smore.... she finished it pretty quickly!

Cute Lauren with her favorite teddy.

Will and I on the boat.

Will and I tubing. It was his first time tubing and he loved it.

Jen and Lauren tubing together. Lauren didn't want to get off.

Lauren swimming with Uncle Josh.... she was a little scared by him and his wacky personality... but she put that aside because he was the only one in the water that time and she wanted to swim.

Relaxing on the boat. It was such a beautiful night.

This is the day we went to the lake to swim in the shallow area.

Will and Lauren in their tubes... they are both saying cheese right now :)!

Love the hair!

Abby with her messy face of snot... yeah gross! She had been sick on and off all week but still was a trooper.

The kids playing in the sandbox by the lake.

Lauren and Will playing ring around the rosie... their favorite thing to do together.

Enjoying the creek.

Josh caught a tadpole and he was showing it to the kids.

Lauren and Will loved going down the slide into the creek.
The water was a perfect temperature.

Abby hanging out on the horse.

Caleb and Josh looking for crayfish, minnows and tadpoles.

Lauren didn't want to touch the rocks with the algae on
them so she was holding herself up for a while.

While Josh and the boys played mini golf, Jen and I walked around downtown Corning and took the girls to see the fountain.

YEAH! Well at least thats what Lauren thinks... Abby not so much.

Abby and I at the lake... she loved it!

Thanks for driving all that way to visit with us. We miss you all already! Love you!!!


Christy said...

I wish we could've been there with you. We miss you so much. Eli was just saying this morning "Mom, I really want Will and his family to live down here with us... I really miss him".
Love you

Gabby said...


Jen said...

Hey girl!! Love the pictures and you got to post before I did, so I guess I'll have to think of different things to say and post!! Love you and wish we could do this more often!! Jen