Monday, March 23, 2009

Mimi's Visit

We ALWAYS LOVE when Mimi comes to visit. My mom, "Mimi" came up to us for her week of spring break. Thankfully, we actually had a week of somewhat mild weather for up here at this time. We were able to play outside a lot! We went to the park and up to the Rochester Zoo. And mimi played with them on the couch cushions everyday! :)

Before the Zoo trip, we went to a nursing home in Rochester to visit my mom's Aunt Ida. My mom hasn't been able to see her in YEARS!!!! She is my pop's older sister. We had a sweet time visiting with her. It was my first time meeting her. She is in her mid to late 90's. I also met my mom's cousin Lyn for the first time as well. Aunt Ida really lit up and smiled at the kids - so that was special for her to meet them as well.

Then we ate a quick lunch and headed off to the zoo. The kids loved it since they are so into animals right now and the Lord kept us dry because He held the rain off until we were heading out to the car!

These fake polar bears had to do. The real ones would not come out to see us.

Abby's favorite were the elephants.

Sleeping Penguins.

I love the tigers. They are so beautiful!

Will really liked these snakes and we took this picture especially for Josh since he HATES them.

There were 4 bald eagles and they are so pretty to look at. They didn't need nets to keep them from flying away because even though they were healed now, at some point they had a broken wing and will never be able to fly again.

The Rhinos were awesome. I've never seen one in person before. Will enjoyed watching them fight with their enormous horns.


There were tons of different species of monkeys. These orangutans were fun to watch swing from the ropes.

My cuties enjoying the animals.

Thanks Mimi for coming to visit and treating us to the zoo! We had a great time and can't wait to have you back up in a few more weeks!


Christy said...

wish we could have been there. Love you and miss you.

Mari Fontana said...

The kids are so cute.
When is the baby due? It is always nice to see family...but when its over it feels way too short.

Shak Family said...

Looks like you kids had an awesome time with Mimi!