Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to the Museum

So its been a while since I've posted AGAIN! A few weeks ago I got the flu for an entire week... it was awful. I ended up in the hospital for a day to get IV fluids and even after that and anti-nausea meds I still went home throwing up for another day and a half. Thankfully no one else in the family got it as bad as I did. I finished the flew on Thursday and then Saturday left for my trip to VA to visit Jen and her family. These pictures are of the day before I got the flu. We drove a couple hours up to Rochester NY to the Strong National Museum of Play. It was SO much fun! The kids enjoyed it and were worn out.

Will flying the airplane.

Abby and Will on the train with daddy.

Giant Harp

Giant Chess

There was a butterfly room that the kids loved. It was like 100 degrees in there and misty and humid. haha, not the best for the hair.

This is a mini Wegmans, which is one of the grocery stores we have up here. Will loved getting his own food and scanning it. They make it all seem so real. No he wants to raid my pantry all the time and pretend he is shopping!

Abby looks thrilled here. This is one of Sesame Street's new characters.. Abby Cadabby.... so of course we wanted to get her pictures by it... I dont think she really cares.

What a face!

The famous Sesame Street Stairs!

In every big kid area they had these foam areas for smaller children to play... Abby loved every second of it.

Crazy mirrors..

This room was weird and made you feel like you were falling over. Will kept going back to this for some reason.

It was a fun family outing for us.


Christy said...

funny.. did your hair get big in that butterfly room? that made me LOL.