Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Gotta love carnivals right? Greasy food, rickety rides, outrageous prices, sticky cotton candy, and weird looking stuffed animals you can win. Anyways, we usually have a carnival every year that is set up almost in our backyard its so close. However, we won't be around this year when it is in town and Will has been talking about carnivals so much lately. So we took him last weekend to the one in a town nearby. He was SO excited to go and said he had a BLAST - even though he only went on a few rides. The tickets were SO much more expensive than I remember and then to ride one ride its at least 3 tickets (which is $3) - FOR ONE RIDE!!! HOLY COW! Anyways, we let him and Abby bounce on a few blow ups and ride a couple rides....woohoo! Oh and I gave in and bought them the cotton candy - and they didn't like it....weird!

Abby was the smallest one in the bounce house, but she didn't mind

Will sliding down the bouncy slide.

But we all had fun getting out.... even JOSH! Here they are on the bumper cars... he is
lovin' it!