Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sista Christy

Last week my sister Christy flew in with her son Zac (who is 5 weeks older than Abby) to help me out. It was such a blessing to have her. She made us meals every night, entertained my kids, cleaned, and gave haircuts :)! Thanks so much Christy - you were a huge help and gift from God to us!
(most of these pics i stole from her blog)

The boys playing in the sandbox. Zac loved the sand and was constantly covered in it !

Will going to give me a kiss.... what a character.

Zac and Abby in the boat at the play center we went to. What a fun place to take your kids on a rainy day..... but boo because i think thats where we picked up our sicknesses.

Abby hugs and kisses!

Christy got this cute picture of Abby posing all girly... where did she learn that?

Christy reading to the kids.

Abby's second haircut ever. Both have been from Christy.

Family is a true blessing!