Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal of our first Hospital Experience

As most of you know, we had to take Nate to the ER Feb. 22nd, for his first time. I know my family was getting the word out to most of you that read this blog so that you all would pray for him. It was a rough few days, but we are so thankful to be home and well now.
All I can say is that I don't like February 22nd..... (I'm not a superstitious person AT ALL)... but that is the day in 2000 that I got in a horrible car accident and totaled my car.... and now its the day we had to take Nate to the ER for the first time.
Earlier in the day I took the kids up to the doctor for Nate's 9 month visit, where everything looked great. He is now 21 lbs. 6 oz. He was such a good boy there and seemed healthy and happy. On the way home (its an hour drive) he started gagging and choking/coughing....and finally I pulled over to make sure he was OK, and he was. So when we got home I started to feed him some of his baby puffs and he threw that up and acting like he was choking again. So I nursed him and he ate great and then threw up his entire feeding, So I tried to feed him two more times..... didn't keep down a thing. I called Josh over from work and I was just panicked... I couldn't find things as we were getting ready to go to the hospital, but we made it out the door in a couple of minutes and were on our way (another hour away) to the hospital in the snow....
It was a long ride up there and I had to take him out of his car seat every 15 minutes or so because he kept throwing up. I called his specialist on the way, who in turn called the ER to notify them that we were coming and give them special instructions. He was definitely getting more and more lethargic on the way up, but thankfully right when we got there they brought us back and had his IV bag waiting for him and got that started within 10 minutes. We got to the ER around 6 and finally got admitted to a room around midnight. Nate only took about a 15 minute nap that whole time! So, we spent 3 nights there and they got his blood sugar stable and made sure he was keeping down his food before we were able to go home. It was extremely difficult for me to be away from Will and Abby (thank you MaryLou for keeping my babies) and also to be without Josh a lot while I was in the hospital. I ended up getting the stomach bug while we were there, which made it hard for me to take care of Nate a whole lot. He was pretty good - considering he was hyper from the sugar in his IV, not sleeping at all, and so wanting to crawl around (which there is no way I was going to let him crawl on the hospital floor). We know there will probably be many more of these trips, but we are praying they will be few and far between. It is emotionally and physically exhausting. It has opened my eyes up to pray for those that spend months at the hospital.... that is a hard thing to do. So, thank you all for your prayers and concern for us. We now want to keep him in a bubble, haha, but know we have to live life. Here are a few pictures from while we were there. They are fuzzy because they are from our cell phone, since grabbing the camera on the way out to the hospital wasn't really on my mind :).

Here is Nate in the ER a few hours after we got there.

Here is Nate in the hospital with his little tiger gown and IV.

This is when he was feeling a good bit better and he was SO ready to be out of this cage (crib) and crawling around.


Christy said...

we were praying you through that whole time. I am thankful you didn't have to stay any longer and now that you are COMING THIS WAY! YEAH! So excited to see you and spend time with my sis!

joe erin and molly winkels said...

glad to hear that nate is doing ok - will definitely continue to keep you and nate in our prayers, so that it will have to be a rare occurence!
miss you!

Anonymous said...

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