Thursday, March 25, 2010

Travels Down South

We decided pretty last minute to make the trip down to NC, instead of having my mom come up for her spring-break. We made it down late the night before one of my cousins got married. What a neat story... he is 54 and his wife not much younger than that and it is a first marriage for both of them. They were both beaming!! :) My dad was in the wedding - he looked nice all dressed up!

Nate ready to take a nap after the wedding. It was nice to see lots of extended family all at once!

Josh drove us down and stayed the weekend and left Monday morning, then we stayed 2 weeks.

Abby and Will love riding the Harley motorcycle! Abby finally got the steering down.

This park across the street from my parents is great.... because its so close and usually we are the only ones there :).

Always makin' faces!

We spent almost everyday with my sister Christy and her kids. The cousins couldn't get enough of each other. Here is Zac blowing bubbles! He is a character... I nicknamed him "swiper" from Dora, because he was so sneaking about stealing things :)!

Lilly blowing bubbles with her awesome curls!

Love Zac's face when Abby was trying to hug him. He actually loved Abby and was always hugging her and chasing after her.

Baseball time. The little ones didn't do so well! They just stared at the ball flying past them.

Christy trying to show Zac what to do. He just wanted to kick the balls.

A trip to Mimi and Poppi's just wouldn't be complete without going to Monkey Joe's!

My 3 little cuties!

Will did great climbing everything on his own.

Action shot

His favorite - Lightning McQueen!

Mimi - the kids always fought over her.

They loved taking baths in Mimi's deep tub. This time the bubbles were a little too much. Will and Abby loved it... Nate did too, but he splashes SO hard that he falls backwards... and tumbling under this was too much for him... he did a dive and then we quickly took him out!
It was a great time visiting family and friends!


Christy said...

so cute, I miss you guys so much. I wish you lived closer... I find myself almost not knowing what to do without you and the kids here! :)

By the way, love the picture of you and JOSH... the self portrait thing always turns out great and is a lot of fun!

joe erin and molly winkels said...

love thi pictures! looks like you guys had a great time! we go to monkey joes too every time we go and visit joes family :)
hope all is well
miss and love you!