Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Videos

I guess you can't just tape one child. They see the camera on Nate, and they want to be taped as well.

Will's favorite song right now is "Our God is an awesome God" - He is pretty monotone.... haha, don't think a singing career is in his future, but he is making a joyful noise for sure! :)

Abby's favorite song right now is "Jesus is the rock of my salvation".
If you don't know the words to that song, you may not understand what she is saying....

I pray the meaning of these songs sinks in at some point !


Christy said...

That was so cute... 1st. I have to say you never know with Will... I had a monotone groggly voice and now the Lord has blessed my voice. 2nd... Abby is too cute! I love her little voice and her little self. Give them all hugs for me. Love you