Friday, May 20, 2011


May has been a fun month so far. Lots of memories. Here is Nate "helping" daddy dig deep holes for the poles for a treehouse. He enjoyed getting down in them and hiding.

Here is the treehouse being lifted up onto the poles. Josh did a great job making this for the kids and they really enjoy playing in it....and a pesty robin keeps making nests in their as well.

Here it is all completed!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Nate. He still thinks its his birthday everyday which is so adorable. He loved talking about presents and cake. He is so vocal, loud, and talkative. He is the best hugger ever and I love that about him. He is such a clown and is always making someone laugh. I'm so thankful for the gift of this boy!

Cookie Monster cake and Elmo cupcakes!

Being silly with cousins.
Abby likes only the frosting (just like her mom)!

Another special day was Abby's first dance recital. I will work on getting the video of the dance up so you all can see how cute they were. The dance turned out a little different each time because they are so young and got caught up in the moment at times. It was precious.

Here she is with her cute little friends.

Abby enjoyed dance So much this year. She is still always wearing dance clothes all day long and dancing around wherever she goes.

And last but not least, another incident. The picture actually doesn't do it justice, and I didn't get any other pictures of what happened. Abby fell into the metal part of our swingset and her top 4 teeth went into her bottom lip. Her top front tooth got pushed back up into her gums most of the way and her lip was HUGE! The dentist looked at it and we have to watch it to make sure it doesn't abscess but it will probably fall out sooner that it was supposed to and when she smiles now you usually don't see that tooth at all. It didn't seem to bother her much after the first day either. So thankful she didn't get hurt worse.
So now I'm caught up and we'll see how well I do keeping at it :).


Christy said...

sarah... I am so sorry about Abby... I hope that it didn't do anything to her adult teeth that sit up there above them. I was worried about that for Lilly, and she just had a dentist appt. they took x-rays and she has the teeth there which is good... Did the dentist take x-rays to see if it moved or damaged the other tooth above it?

I'll call you later... Love you!

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