Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun in the MUD

We had several truck loads of topsoil dropped off in our backyard to help level out our land and make it more "grass-growing friendly." (Hopefully) Will and I decided to make use of it before we spread it out. He was hesitant at first to climb, so mommy had to do it first! Once he got on top though, he didn't move around much. His cousins had fun jumping from pile to pile, while Will sat on one pile and filled up his trucks and buckets with dirt.

First climbing up
He made it! Those jeans didn't stay clean for long.

Content to play in the dirt for a WHILE - it was so cold out!
The cousins in action.

Annie loved it (in her hair and mouth too).

Abby watched from the window .... she didn't last long though before she fell asleep!