Saturday, March 22, 2008

We love our MIMI!

Mimi came up to PA for her spring break. She surprised us and I was totally shocked. I'm usually not surprised much because I find things out pretty easily. Usually Josh acts weird also when he is trying to keep a secret. He did good this time though. Saturday we were heading up to the mall and Josh told me we were going to split up and find a gift for each other as something different to do. I didn't think anything of it and I reluctantly agreed to do it. I like to think for a while about what I would get him and he told me this last minute. So off I went with abby in the front pack. Little did I know that he left to go pick my mom up from the airport. So when I met him at the car later, with an Eagle's hat for him, he had my mom hiding in the back seat. WOW! I was so surprised! She stayed for a week and we had a blast. Will cried when she left, and when I got home from the airport he kept asking for her. We miss you already MIMI! Thanks for thinking of us. We were blessed by your visit!

One of the many things she did with Will was make easter eggs. He loved it. They hid plastic eggs around the house all week with all different surprises in them.