Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Valentine's Day in March

For Valentine's Day Josh surprised me with a plane ticket for my sister Jen to fly up from VA to visit since I'm a little "family sick." (missing the fam) So she came up last week and what a week it was. The night she got here I came down with the stomach bug. Throwing up all through the night and not getting any sleep, I was so thankful she was here to watch the kids. I slept all day and felt awful, not only from my fever but for her having to deal with two fighting (non-sharing) toddlers and abby. What a blessing she was to me. Thats what sisters are for :)! Will and Lauren had a tough first couple of days, but got more used to each other as the time went on. They didn't want to share, but what toddler does? They really did enjoy each other's company! Will now asks for Lauren everyday. One thing that made us laugh was that Will couldn't seem to call my sister the right name. He called her Uncle Shaun more than Aunt Jen - which is funny since he hasn't been around his uncle much. :( Thanks Jen for coming! I had a great time just hanging with you. Can't wait till next time!

Here they are actually loving each other. So cute! My camera was foggy though from bringing it in from the cold outside.

Here is what Jen looked like ALL day that I couldn't move and help out!
Will got used to all the attention. When he wakes up from naps, his first words are Aunt Jen!

We attempted to take the kids out to sled. We could hardly pull them without slipping on the thick ice. Lauren wasn't so sure what to make of it, but she definately liked being pulled in the sled.

We miss you already!