Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Party

Here are pictures from Abby's family birthday celebration. Her cousins (Aiden & Annie), Aunt/Uncle (Jason & Kate) and Grandparents (Nana & Pappa) came over for Josh's homemade pizza and a cookie-cake.

The sweet birthday Girl

I think she wanted the entire cookie to herself :)

Will helped her open some present... but Abby was actually into opening them and playing with them. I remember Will's first birthday he could really care less about all of the presents and just wanted to play with the paper.

Sitting on the baby doll nana got her.

She was about the same size as the big bag that her present came in.

She just recently had her one year well visit and she is still my little peanut.
She weighed 17 1/2 pounds (5th percentile for her age) and was 30 1/2 inches long (80th percentile for her age). She is tall and thin. Everything else checked out great although she just had her first ear infection. Her second upper tooth came in and she really looks like a pumpkin - they are EXTREMELY far apart - but I'm not too surprised since Josh and I both had braces for that very reason.


Joyful said...

17.5lbs at a year!!!! Wow! Jett is already 22lbs at 7 months! haha! Hes also 30inches though. I cant imagine having a peanut! She is so precious!

Mari Fontana said...

I'm with joyful...Samuel is 6 months old and weighs in at 20LBS

Jen said...

Abbey is too gorgeous!! You are going to have to lock her in the house!! I love all the pictures!! Love you!! Jen