Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mowing in the Snow

OK - well, it was just flurries.... and you can hardly see them in these pictures - but I promise it was "flurrying" a lot. Abby got this little lawn mower for her birthday and Will thinks its real. He kept asking to go out and mow the grass... so even though it was cold and dusting snow... I let him go out. He didn't last long, but he seemed like he was proud of his work :)!


Christy said...

Lovin' the boots over the jeans.... he's gettin'so big. I can't wait to see you guys. Hey I got you two maternity shirts... they were on clearance at Target... a pink zip up and a nicer shirt you can wear to church with a sweater... and one that you'll even be able to wear in the summer because of the style of it... I am sure you'll love it. Love you, see ya soon.

joe erin and molly winkels said...

hi! love the pics - what a little man he is!
so molly and i were watching sesame street the other day and there is a puppet named abby, and i told her she had a friend named abby, but she's never met her, but that i am sure that once she does she will totally love her! haha and then i told her that she needs to pray that one day she and abby can live in the same town together... which makes me think when can i see you again? i will have to look at joe's schedule for school ... i do miss you! and i have some more funny stories about my adventures of becoming pregnant!
tell josh i said hello
love ya