Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My little Animals

This year for halloween Will was a dragon (since he loves to watch the show dragon tales) and Abby was an elephant (since her favorite word to say is elephant)! just kidding, Abby wore this adorable hand me down costume from her cousin Lilly. Both kids were sick so we didn't stay out long. It was such a beautiful fall night here and not too cold!

Sweet little Elephant of mine!

We had a happy and nice dragon. He was refered to by others as an alligator and a dinosaur.
However, he did have wings.

You can tell Josh is excited about going out.

Will was so quite all night. He just stared at all the other costumes.

Will with his cousins Aiden the pirate and Annie the princess.

This is on the way home. I can't believe I gave this to her, but she was so grouchy and crying pretty loud. It only worked for a couple of minutes.


Christy said...

That is too cute for words. Abby looked so adorable in that elephant costume... and Will, I can just see him now... starring at all the other kids! Love you guys and miss you much.