Friday, February 20, 2009

28 Weeks (7 months)

Here is the 7 month belly shot! This baby seems big to me, being as this is how big my belly was a couple days before I delivered Abby. I think I have more fluid with this pregnancy so I'm contributing my bigger belly to that. I will have an ultrasound next thursday to check fluid levels - since that is usually around the time with the other two pregnancies that my fluid levels started dropping. This baby continues to be the most active, which I'm actually enjoying so much! Will keep you updated on how the ultrasound goes.

11 more weeks left ! :) Since I'll be scheduled for my c-section a week early.


Christy said...

you really do look amazing... and I think that you are having a BOY! the way you are caryying... you are low and all tummy... nothing else!

Still no word on lilly ... I'll let you know.
Love you,

Mari Fontana said...

You look tooooo cute!

Shak Family said...

You look so cute! Seriously only 11 weeks left? That is so soon! Also, love the Valentine pics of the kids, and oh my Abby with the veil....precious!