Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Over The Place

Ok, so I have been bad about blogging lately. I think its partly because there isn't much going on around here besides being sick due to winter and being inside because we have not had a day without snow on the ground for over a month now! Abby doesn't really enjoy the snow and Will is tolerating it more and more so we aren't out for that long. So here are a few pictures and stories of the last couple weeks that are random and out of order - but its an update of some sort.


Will LOVES to paint! All of the doors and trim in our house still needs to be painted because we opted out of the home builders doing it to save money. We have lived in this house now for a year and a half and still haven't had the desire to do much of it. Every once in a while at night Josh and Will paint a part of trim. This night they decided to do the pantry doors in the kitchen. It makes so a big difference. It was hard to keep Abby away though.

Will got some CARS movie tattoos from Christy for Christmas and wanted to put them on. So of course daddy had to get one too! Here is a blurry picture of Josh's race track tattoo. I didn't get a picture of Will's tattoos though. He had one on each arm that didn't wash off for a week or so. He loved them!

For Will's 3rd birthday we moved our double sized guest bed into Will's room to replace his twin "daddy-made" little kid bed. He was so excited. We knew we had to make this move before the baby comes so we decided to tell him it was for his birthday and because he was a big boy, so that it would be an exciting thing for him. I was worried because he is the craziest sleep and has fallen out of his little bed many times, but he has done great so far and he loves it!
Now we have his old bed that Josh made for him in the guest room, which is going to be Abby's room. Last week I started putting Abby in this bed for naps to get her ready to sleeping in a big bed. She is still a tiny little thing and looks so cute in this bed. She has done great! She hasn't fallen out and hasn't tried to climb out. She just takes a long time to fall asleep because she is playing in here. I hope she continues to do well in this bed and will move everything over shortly.

Abby is saying more words and starting to add a few ounces to her lightweight frame. She is a picky eater and loves to play chase! She is getting several teeth in right now and is not the happiest camper. She insists on using the spoon to feed herself everything now and is actually doing well with it. I also now have another child with a blanket obsession, not just love, its an obsession ! :)

As I was making dinner last night, I looked out my kitchen window and saw this sunset. I had to capture God's handiwork. It started out clear like this picture below.

Then it turned yellow.

Then pink.

Then red. How beautiful. And the pictures actually don't do it justice.

Will man - he is looking so mature! I can't believe how big he is getting. Right now he really loves to dance, read, and of course play with his monster trucks!

Here are a couple pictures of the couples we had over for superbowl with their 3-D glasses on. We had a fun night of fellowship and TONS of food. I actually watched some of the game too! There were 5 kids there plus my two and it was never quiet in the house.


Christy said...

great pics... Abby looks so cute in the bed... I can't believe that she isn't trying to get out. Lilly has gotten out each morning, and then she gets a spanking. I think it's because Eli is awake and getting ready for school... she wants to be with him... I am just not ready for the day to start with all of the kids.

Christy said...

And, WIll is getting so big... I am glad he liked the Tattoos... I knew he would... what boy doesn't? I would love to see an updated belly photo... I know it has grown because my girlfriend, Wendy, hers has grown and you are due around the same time.

Mari Fontana said...

Cute pics...its kind of sad moving them out of little beds isn't it??!!!?
side note...the word verification to leave this comment is the longest I have ever seen: