Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

This Valentine's was a fun one for us because Will actually seemed to understand what it was about. The day before Valentine's, Josh and I went out to dinner and to get coffee while the kids stayed with my sister-on-law. We had a nice evening together alone. It was very relaxing and we were extremely STUFFED!

Will with his valentine's gift bag on his head from nana.

Abby is so excited looking in her bag!

Will also loved making bread shapes for our dinner the night before.

Lots of LOVE!

Lots of Smiles and Laughs!

Happy Valentines day!

Hope you enjoyed all of the loves in your life!

* The next day we made two different desserts and the kids ate lots of candy. Will loves to help cook anything - so he had a blast making a mess making cookies. Lots of flour ended up on my belly :)! Then we had a candlelit dinner with the kids and they seemed a little confused but liked it. It was different and fun! We went around the table and told each other what we loved about them! (well abby didn't quit get out what she wanted to :) )

yes i know he is touching the candle with his fork... haha, he didn't get hurt and he definitely didn't do it again! But he Loved blowing them all out at the end of dinner.

I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me with my family!


Christy said...

ok I am belly laughing right now. Funny thought you guys all sitting at a candlelite dinner... and the kids thinking it was a bit weird! that for some reason just got me laughing really hard! ;)

I am glad that you guys had a good date night and enjoyed each other and the food/coffee.

Here it was a bit of a snooze... not romantic at ALL... I tried to flirt and all... but you know scott... I love him anyway!

love you,

Jen said...

What a neat night you all had!! How creative, candles and all!! I wish I had taken pictures with Mom and Dad this past weekend but we just forgot the camera all together. I have to share my V-day story. The boys woke up at 6:30am and were making v-day cards for everyone and I yelled at them to go back to bed. How bad am I?? They were making cards until almost 8am, came down, handed a card to everyone with $1 for each person. It was so sweet and thoughtful!! We had a fun weekend as well!! Glad you all got to go out and have some time together!!

Matt Dunham said...

Those pictures are adorable! The kids are growing up so fast.