Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Count Down

So, here is the belly. 36 weeks at this time and I'm counting down 3 weeks until the c-section on May 8th. I feel like I'm going to pop and the baby is VERY low! I had my last ultrasound on Tuesday. The doctor said my fluid was up so much that I don't need it monitored anymore unless we see changes.

I'm so thankful that I'm still feeling well and have energy. This baby continues to stay extremely active which is so amazing to feel!

I used to think it was a boy, and sometimes now I'm thinking girl because I feel like my belly has started to look like the shape I was with Abby... so who knows! But we'll all find out soon!


Shak Family said...

You are getting so close. How exciting! We find out on the 29th. I am getting anxious. I'll post for sure, right away. Hopefully you get time to relax these next couple of weeks. Take care!

Mari Fontana said...

OK...I am like so absolutely jealous that at 36 weeks you look so great!!!!!
Enjoy this time and I can't wait to find out what he/she is!

Christy said...

Sa, I still think it's a boy... especially since I just took a look at the "real" belly pic... maybe I'll be totally surprised... I can't wait to find out in 3 weeks ... YAY!

Anonymous said... so happy that its almost over for you! You'll be able to find out whether that little bundle of joy is a boy or girl and whos attitude and smile it has! Thats awesome! I cant wait to be at that point that youre at to see who's in my belly!

You look great. You might not think so but you really do. I've exploded these last couple of weeks and feel like a hefer (I even sound like one when I get out of bed in the morning).

Love you and cant wait to meet your little bundle of love in July! I will definently see you regardless of how I feel at that point.


Jen said...

Sa, you look so cute!! Can't wait to hear the news!! I still think it's a girl!! We'll see!! Hopefully we can catch up via phone sometime this week!! Miss you!!

christine said...

so exciting! can't wait to find out what it is. hope you keep feeling well the next three weeks