Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Rated.....

Sorry for the nudity.
I Just couldn't resist.
Abby is 17 months going on 3.
She wants to do everything her brother does..... especially go on the potty! She pulls her pants off all the time and sqauts on the floor with her diaper, says "poo poo" and looks at the floor to see what she just did, haha. She has gone in the big potty and the little one several times. She loves sitting on either, but I don't have the time or patience to put her on there all the time. This one day I tried for a few hours to keep her without a diaper.... she was successful a couple times, even once on her own... but then, while I was on the phone she comes up to me and puts a pile of poo on my leg! Needless to say, I hung up and laughed and had some cleaning up to do. She isn't ready because she still doesn't always realize when she is going... but she is definitly going to be easier to train than Will, once I'm ready that is...

She is always wanting shoes or boots on as well... lovely combination here right

Nice Face... She was actually just smiling, I didn't catch it in time.


Christy said...

ok that is too cute for words... I love the pic from behind with the boots! one for her rehearsal dinner! Ok... I didn't hear about the poo... I laughed out loud... and you know that it is hard to make me laugh!