Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

This past Easter weekend was so much fun!

We started off on Saturday coloring eggs.... oh what fun right?
not the most fun thing in my book with young kids and dye.... but Will Loved it!

Then we tried to make some sugar cookies.
My second attempt ever, and still not super successful.

The dough is always too sticky and so the shapes get weird and its hard to transfer them to the baking sheets.... we still enjoyed eating them.

Then we had our own little egg hunt Saturday night since we knew Sunday was going to be a busy day. I don't have pictures of it since we video-taped it, but it was fun to watch Will and Abby look for eggs together.

Sunday we went to the early service so I could actually go to church since I help with the 4 year olds during the second service. It was such a challenging and moving service. Josh invited friends of ours from the next town over and they enjoyed it as well so we are thankful that they want to come back again. After church we had lunch with Josh's family....8 adults and 10 children under the age of was fun. Then all the kids had their egg hunt outside and had a blast eating their candy.

Will excited about each egg he got.

Abby actually understood to put her eggs in her bag and look for more. It was so cute!

Josh's dad, "Pappa", was entertaining Abby by putting this cloth on her head. Yes her hair is out of control again and yes this doily on her head makes her look very "mennonite-ish" - if thats even a word!