Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished

One of the main things I wanted to get done before this new one arrives was to decorate the kids rooms. We have been in this house almost 2 years now and i didn't have even one thing on Will's walls and he asked why he couldn't see his W-I-L-L letters that were laying on dresser. So, I actually put things up on his and Abby's walls and I'm finally finished. I'm definitely not artistic so it took me a long time.

Here are the pictures of Abby's room:

My first attempt at making curtains that pull up like that, so they are a little uneven and crooked... but I don't think Abby can notice :)!!

Her teddy on the old rocker that my mother-in-law had refinished for us.

Her cute birdie bedding that Josh picked out and surprised me with !!!

Her letters that started out white, then went to pink, then had polka dots, and now are staying green. haha.... you have to try lots of things out i guess when you don't have the eye to see what will work right away.... oh well, i had fun painting. The picture next to her letters is one that Will painted for her the day before she was born.

Abby's dresser, nightstand, and little white chair was somewhere in my house growing up - lots of use from this furniture. And the three pictures above the dresser are what I made for Abby that I found the idea online. Here they are closer.... (i just have to put the bible verse reference on them to finish them)

This is the tree picture with the bible verse Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (if you click on them you can see them more clearly)

This is the bird with... For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

And the flower with .. The Lord make his face shine upon you.

Here are the pictures of Will's room:

He loves his Will letters! His bed used to be Josh's bed that was just wood with carvings of his old crushes that I had to sand out. And the end table and dresser were mine growing up, probably pink or some girly color, but it all works in Will's room now.

The bat was from Jen and Shaun that they painted and never ended up using in their house. Thanks guys... I love it in here!

So now that their rooms are done and a few of my gender neutral baby outfits are washed... we are ready for little one to arrive next week!


Christy said...

yeah... I love it! Oh my word... you did an amazing job with their rooms.
I love Abby's birdie bedding... and will's room love it! I love the pics of the balls!

Jen said...

What, you aren't artistic?? I'm the one with none of those gifts what so ever!! You did an amazing job!! Looks so awesome!! Love the shelves too!! You and Christy were blessed with great artistic talents!! Lauren keeps talking about you and the baby coming out!! She says she wants to hold it and share it with Will!! Love you!!

joe erin and molly winkels said...

the rooms look great! i need to bring you over here to help me out! can't wait until the end of this week to know what you are having! love you!

Shak Family said...

Love what you did with the kids rooms! Great job. I especially love Abby's bedding, how cute. Your down to the last couple of days.....yeah. So exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing what your third beautiful child is.

EmilyRenee said...

i love the rooms! David was cracking up abt. the carvings of the crushes on Will's bed! (sounds like something David would have done too:-)) Good job sanding them out:-)

Gabby said...

Great Job!!! Love the black bed in Will's room!

Ty said...

Hi Sarah,

I love your blog! I saw it on your Facebook post and thought I would take a peek. I keep a family blog too. You can check it out at You did a fantastic job on the kids rooms! I'm in the process of redoing a new room for the boys to share...out of the nursery into the big boy room. So far there is paint on the walls...and that is it. You gave me some wonderful inspiration to get it finished up!! They look great! We miss you at MOPS and can't wait to hear about the baby! Our prayers will be with you tomorrow! Say "Hi" to Dr. Scallzone for me!

Danielle Peters

MIKHEL said...

WOW Sarah the rooms look so good. I love them. You did a great job. And good luck tomorrow I bet you are so excited. I can't wait till this baby comes and it should be any day now. I didn't know you were having a c-section. Hope everything goes well with that. Make sure you post pics of the new baby.