Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok, in two days we will welcome Gehman #3 into our family! I'm so excited!!!! Josh has predicted we will have a little girl weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. I am not so good at guessing games, but he wanted me to play a long. So here is my guess.... Boy 7 lbs. 12 oz.
Will you play a long with us??? Leave me a comment as to what you think this baby is :). We'll see who's right.

My surgery is scheduled for 7 am, so we will be at the hospital really early. We will update soon!


Shak Family said...

I'll say boy 7lb4oz. Although it's a complete guess since I don't know what the other two weighed or what your symptoms are. What is Will saying it is? My US tech said that most older siblings guess right. Well be praying for you!

Mari Fontana said...

Hmmm...that's a tough one. Because your nose and face have not changed too much I would say girl (when I was prego with my boys my nose doubled in size and my face went through some major stuff!) 6lbs. 8ozs.
But because your carrying so in the front (at least that's the way it looks in the pics) it may be boy and if that's the case I don't want to be wrong so I guess boy too. HEHEHE. And if it is boy I say 7lbs 9ozs
I will be praying. Samuel's 1st b-day is the 8th so I'll remember to say a prayer for you.
Can't wait to see pics!

sarah said...

Will keeps saying "a boy just like me" thanks for the prayers!

Christy said...

Oh goodness... it's a boy!!!! Nate is going to be 7lbs 7.5 oz. He will make his way into this world to two loving parents and two loving siblings. I can't wait to see you in a few weeks... really quick... think of some meals you want me to make... so that I can remember to bring recipes if I need to.
Love you... Only 1 more full day being prego... take it all in... marvel in the beauty of life inside of you.

EmilyRenee said...

We'll say boy b/c that's all we know:-) But I'm secretly thinking girl....!

I hope the two of our little ones will have the same birthday:-) My parents are in and we are all waiting...if not before, I'm scheduled for induction on the 11th at 6 am!

We're excited for you guys!! You look great!!

Anonymous said...

So i think it's going to be a BOY--weighing 7lbs 4oz 20"long...but i did have a dream you had a i guess we'll see in a few hours!! I can't wait to meet the little one--take care and I am praying for you!!!! kate