Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update from the Hospital

It feels weird to be posting from the hospital, but its easier here with no one around than to try and do this at home with the other two kiddos.

So I am making a weird face in this picture, but its 4:45 in the morning! We had to leave bright (it was really dark though) and early in the morning to get to the hospital at 6.

Josh in his scrubs getting ready to go in to the operating room with me. He picked up a box from the table because he felt weird just standing there to pose for me :)! He didn't know it was a catheter box... haha. but i think he would make a good lookin' doctor!

After trying 4 times they got my IV in and running. We went back for the surgery and everything went smooth and fast. The doctor wanted to show Josh first what the baby was and then have him announce it to me and everyone, but the quirky anesthesiologist wasn't paying attention and shouted "Look at that, its a boy" before Josh even saw. Oh, well. We were still surprised and SO happy. Little Nathan came into the world screaming at 7:51 a.m. He started crying on his own the second the doctor grabbed him, he was quick to let us know he was there. His apgars were 9,9. We are so thankful for this healthy little man.

Sleeping Peacefully. This is about all he has done since he has been born!

Oh, such a hard life for him.

Tired, or just tired of the camera in his face.

Proud Daddy

My beautiful flowers. Love them!!! Josh got me gerber daisies too, but the picture didn't turn out so great.

Little cry. He seems easy going at this point, hopefully it will stay that way. The nurse that did his blood work said he didn't cry once during that procedure. :)

My little monsters coming to visit. Abby went straight to the thumb for security.. she was SO unsure of it all.

Will and his silly faces... just like his daddy!

Will is all smiles, so happy to meet his brother. "Nufaniel" is how he says the name.

Will kept telling me, "Mommy, that is a good baby!"
Here he is trying to convince Abby that the baby is "a good baby".

Abby isn't buying it!

But, I am! He is a good baby! I'm already in love again!

Every GOOD and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights
James 1:17

Thank you all for your prayers for us! Things went wonderfully! I pray now that we will all adjust well to Nate at home with us.


Anonymous said...

The new pictures are beautiful, and little Nate looks like Mr. Contentment. We are so happy to welcome him into the Gehman family, and Abby will eventually like having him around. Will is just so thrilled to have a brother. Nana

Matt Dunham said...

Praise God for new life! I am glad things went well. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah and Josh! What a cutie!! And what a blessing!
Paul, Leslie and kids

joe erin and molly winkels said...

happy mother's day! i love the pictures that are posted... he is a sweet little baby!
cannot wait until we can catch up and talk. joe and my mother say congratulations as well as emily.
love you!

Jen said...

Sweet pictures!! Hopefully it won't be too soon until I meet him and hold him!! I am praying for you and the adjustment of having a new little one!! I wish I could be there to help, I feel so helpless!! Praying for your recovery!! I love you, you are an AWESOME Mom!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Gabby said...

Awww! Sarah, he is sooooo cute!
Enjoy him girl because as you know they grow to fast!!!

Christy said...

OH and by the way, Josh would make a hot doctor... and I can say that because I am you sister and his sis in law!
good thing he's not a doctor!;)