Monday, January 11, 2010

Lots of Catching Up To Do!

This is a short-n- (hopefully) sweet version of highlighting Thanksgiving.
We went down to NC and stayed with my parents for a week. We had such a great time visiting my all of my family. Lots of kids and lots of good food and great memories.
My mom took all of us to get some family pictures made.

Us - hmmm, who is the biggest child in this one?

My sister Christy and her husband Scott and their kids (Eli, Lilly, & Zac)

My sister Jen, her husband Shaun and their 3 kids (Caleb, Josh, & Lauren)

The whole fam.

My boys.. random picture, i just like it !

We also celebrated Christmas together since we didn't get to be together at Christmas this year.
All the kids decorated Scott and Christy's tree.

Then opened presents from, in order from youngest to oldest so we all got to see what they got. I don't think Nate really cared that he got to go first :).

And of course, Josh had to get all the guys to go fishing!

Uncle Shaun and Josh with a fish.

Eli and Poppi with a fish.

Lots of fun with family. We had a great Thanksgiving.


Christy said...

Very Cute, I miss you guys... and I will be calling here tomorrow... so be by your phone waiting! :)
Love you!

Shak Family said...

What great family pics! LOVE how you all match. Isn't is crazy how you three sisters each have two boys and one girl?