Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wedding Weekend

The first weekend of January, 2010, one of my twin cousins got married. Rachel Dunham married Craig Cooper in NY. I got to go just with Nate and Josh stayed home to finish his Christmas with his family and kept the other two kids for the weekend. I stayed in a hotel room with my sister Jen and her daughter Lauren. It was nice to be with family again :). Missed my other sister, Christy though! It was a little snowy on both ends of my trip, but thankfully we were safe and Nate traveled pretty well. We had a fun weekend.

Poppi, Mimmi, Nate, Lauren and Jen waiting for the ceremony to begin. We sat all the way in the back since we had Nate and I thought I would have to leave during the ceremony since he is pretty vocal now. However, I fed him baby puffs the entire time and he did great :)!

Aunt Debbie (Mother of the Bride) and my cousin Matt (brother of the bride).
My Aunts dress was so beautiful!

The front of the pretty church.

Vows being said!
Can't believe I was doing this very same thing with Josh the next day (Jan 3rd) six years ago!

Mimmi, Poppi, & Nate

Sisters and cousins

My sister Jen and I. Can't tell we are related right??

Mr. Man being held by Mimmi @ the reception!

4 generations! My grandmother (Gigi), My mom, Me and my sister,
and Nate and Lauren (Great grands)

Jen and Lauren

My gram walking in to the reception. Looking great at such a young age ;)!

My cousin Rachel and her dad, my Uncle Peter having a moment of laughter.

Nate and Lauren at the reception.

My mom and dad were SO helpful with Nate all night. It was a LONG day for him and he was a trooper. Being played with all night by his grandparents helped a lot :)!

Lauren thought Rachel was so pretty in her dress and wanted a picture with her, but then when we went to get one she was SO shy !

Jen and I with the twins. Rachel, the bride and her sister Rebecca (matron of honor) with her own wedding in a few months !

Mimmi and Lauren doing their ballerina twirls!

Rachel and Craig, Congrats! It was a beautiful wedding!