Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will's 4th Birthday


Well, Will counted down the days till his birthday for a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME! He is always asking me, "how many minutes till this?", or "how many days till this?", or "when is it dinner and night time so daddy will be home?" It gets old after the millionth time in a day! With his birthday being so close to Christmas, he counts down for so long till the next time to open presents :)!

Last year for Abby's 1st and Will's 3rd birthdays I started making a special shirt for their special day. This one is a little sloppy because I got the fabric for it the night before and thought I didn't have time to make it. Then I decided about two hours before his party to make it, and so I did it a little too quickly. Oh well, he liked it :). It had a bat and ball on the front, with his name and #4 on the back. (maybe next year I'll plan ahead a little better - his bday stuff is a little last minute because of the holidays)

This year he wanted a Lightning McQueen birthday party and cake. Who would have known??? He has loved the CARS movie ever since we first let him watch it. He has many things CARS! So Josh made him this cake:Will absolutely loved it! And I don't blame him, it turned out great!!!
He had 10 cousins over and his aunts, uncles, and Nana and Pappa.

He opened neat gifts,

Ate his yummy cake on his lightning plates,

And ended with watching "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" on the projector.

I can't believe 4 years ago I was having my first baby. The excitement of a first child is beyond anything I've ever experienced. He was such a great baby and so sweet right from the start. He got attached to his blanket from day 1 in the nursery. Seriously, the nurses called it the "magic blanket" because when he cried and they put it on him, he would immediately stop :)! He still is in love even with its gaping hole! I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me with Will. He has such a huge heart and loves people beyond words! He loves to share (most of the time) and is such a people person. I'm praying he becomes a man of God just like his daddy!
I love you Will!!!

Just a Pic of My BOYS!!!


Christy said...

ok.. those boys look so much like their daddy! Great picture! Oh and The cars cake AMAZING!

You guys are incredibly talented.
Love you

Jen said...

Love the "cars" cake, way to go Josh!! Did Will like the movie?? My kids loved it but Lauren was scared for the people when the food starting falling from the sky. Love and miss you!!