Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Day 2010

We started out New Years Day, 2010 by going to my in-laws for another Christmas celebration that morning. To celebrate with the whole family, we did the adult presents exchange when Matt and Melissa (Josh's oldest brother and wife) were able to come down from Buffalo. Nana started a tradition of reading this story about giving is better than receiving.

Abby and Charis listening to the story. Abby had major frizz hair!

Some of the boy cousins together on Papa's chair listening to the story, with my two sister-in-laws behind them.

Matt and some more cousins :).

The girls listening in !

My 3 little cuties.

Lovin on Nate

Then we opened presents and Nate enjoyed eating the paper !

Then everyone went on the ice rink while Nate and I left for a family wedding. This ice rink was made by Josh and his brother Jason. It's huge and the kids have a blast on it almost everyday! I will post better pictures of it another time.


joe erin and molly winkels said...

love all of the pictures... i know that i need to call you and catch up! it has been TOO long.
Things are well here - my good days much outweigh my bad days!
thanks for listening to me and always being there for me and keeping us in your prayers
love you and miss you!