Saturday, January 10, 2009


Will turned 3 yesterday. I can't hardly believe it. I remember waiting for his arrival so anxiously. What a sweet and easygoing baby he was and has grown into a rambunctious, fun-loving, and passionate boy. He is excited about every little thing and is so easy to please and entertain. He could play with his monster trucks, cars, and tractors on the couch by himself for hours. He also will watch the same show or movie over and over until he has it memorized... definitely doesn't get bored easily. He has a love for the bible already - he has a couple stories memorized word for word - and his cover is off and the binding is already starting to rip away because of reading it so much. (maybe I can learn a lesson from that :)) He loves his sister and every friend he meets is instantly his best friend. He is such a wonderful gift from the Lord.
I love you Will. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Daddy made Will an awesome monster truck cake! That is what Will asked for this year.

He had watched cars and ate cake with his cousins and grandparents for his birthday. He had a blast. He loved the cake and enjoyed each present and card as if it was the only one he got.

He is really studying his cake in this picture

Blowing out the candles that were in the big wheels.

He got several neat gifts, but the one he thanked God for at night was his new pair of scissors. HAHA, he is SO excited that he is "big" enough now to use scissors. I let him do it only with Josh or I, but it is still a little scary. He is growing up so fast.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday late, Will!! Your Aunt Jen is so forgetful these days but at least you got a phone call on your day. Sa, you should have his ecard now, sorry I didn't do it on Friday. By the way, your belly is so little and you look great!! Love you

Christy said...

That was an awesome cake that josh made... he is so artistic! I am sure will loved it.... was he upset when the cake was all eaten?
Love you, and thanks for all the info today about Zach's hiney!