Monday, January 5, 2009


January 3rd, 2004 was a really warm day in North Carolina. We were preparing for a cold winter wedding and got hit with 70 degree weather. It was sunny and beautiful and we had the best day. I can't believe its been 5 years already! It has been an amazing journey with my husband where God has taken us through valleys and up to mountain tops. I'm thankful for all we have been through together.
This anniversary was special for us in that we left the kids with my parents for 4 1/2 days! We haven't ever left Abby overnight and the only time I left Will (other than 1 night at my parents when he was a baby) was when I had to be in the hospital after having Abby. We flew to Florida and stayed with my grandmother (Gigi). We had great weather and went to the beach everyday. We got to eat out and go to the movies, both of which we don't do often. It was such a blessing!!!!
It was hard to leave the kids, especially since Abby was sick - but they did great. Thanks Mimi and Poppi!

This picture is of Appolo beach. We got there and it looked like this - so we left and only a 1/2 mile away it was sunny. So we decided to go back and it still looked like this for another hour and a half. It took forever for the fog to burn off here, not sure why.

These fishermen were there when we got there and when we left they were still fishing. They were talking to people in boats, but we couldn't see them - until the fog lifted....

and then it looked like this. SO Beautiful and SO different! We were glad we stayed to see it.
We stayed for hours. I was able to get a lot of rest and reading in!

and of course Josh fished!

This night was when we went out for our fancy anniversary dinner. We went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Tampa. It was so yummy and definitely something we will only do once every 5 years ! :) Unless someone else wants to pay for us, haha!

This beach was fort Desoto, near St. Pete. We saw dolphins here and I got a short nap and lots of reading in again. Josh had fun fishing here - as you can see he got in the water this time.

This alligator was our friend !:) Not really though. Josh was fishing in this pond near my granmother's house and he was on one side of this small hill and the alligator was on the other side. Josh said to me that he didn't think the alligator still lived in this pond (he saw it last year) and then two minutes later he went to fish a few feet over and look a little scared and said get the camera! He saw him everyday in the same spot, but thankfully he never moved any closer!

I'm thankful we had a safe and relaxing trip and that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband!