Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LOTS of Snow Here

Here are a few pictures of the snow coming down here. We have about 8 inches now I think. I think it is so pretty while the huge snowflakes are falling!

Will and the dogs playing on the side hill in the snow

Will making some tracks in the snow with his dump truck - surprising right?

Where ever you place Abby she stays there. I've never seen her so still in my life. She is usually on the go ,but out in the snow she stays put. She can't walk well with her boots, especially when the snow is so deep.

Sweet Girl all bundled!

Will and I made a snowman with this cute snowman kit that his Aunt Melissa and Uncle Matt got him for Christmas. He named him Gordon.

Abby and Gordon! I think she is a little concerned.

Yeah for the snowman. I am not so good at making them, plus this snow wasn't the easiest to pack down. Will still enjoyed the mini guy. Neither of the kids last long in the snow, which is fine by me :)! However, it takes SO long to get them dressed in all that snow gear and its quite hard bending over and putting it on them while being pregnant... haha, maybe thats why we don't go out in the snow often. But when we do, its fun for a while. Anyone want to come play in the snow? Come on up!


Mari Fontana said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Too cute...we'll be right there!!!!

Christy said...

the picture that is black and white of abby up close is amazing... so beautiful. I wish we could've seen you ... love you so much... and miss you too much!

Tell 'Mater' boy Aunt Christy says hi and we all miss him and love him and give him hugs and kisses... and that beautiful abby too!

Jen said...

My boys would give anything to come up and play. How about I'll send them your way!! Ha!! Wait until I show them your blog tomorrow, they will be in awe. They look at the weather each day to see our chances for snow and are always dissappointed, can you send some our way!! Love you and we'll talk soon!

Shak Family said...

Seriously, that is one of the cutest snowmen ever! Like straight out of a book! Hope you guys are doing well.