Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas on the Island

Here is the awesome house we stayed in thanks to my parents friends for blessing us and letting us use this!
The first day it was just Josh and I and the kids and Mimi and Poppi. It was a bit cold this day, but not too cold to keep us off the beach! Will and Abby just LOVED the sand!

Josh and Will got in some good time riding bikes together. This is Will's Christmas present - his new bike. We were going to wrap it and give it to him once we got to the house at the beach, and he saw us unpacking it and asked if it was for him. So we both just said "Merry Christmas" and gave it to him. He was so excited and wanted to ride day/night/cold... no matter what!
This is Christmas morning. It was a little different with no tree, no lights and warm weather - but it was so nice to be all together! Poppi read the Christmas story (Luke 2) - TRADITION!
All the kids gathered around.

Here they are patiently waiting to open gifts.

Abby with her new shopping cart!

Will with his beloved tow truck that he didn't want anyone else's hands on!!!

Very excited!

Fly away Abby with her beads. She wakes up every morning and finds the beads right away. What a girlie girl!

Will had a blast with Lauren and Lilly - being that they are all SO close in age. Will and Lauren would follow each other through the dunes everyday!

Abby would be outside ALL day if i would let her. Sorry this picture she is getting after her nasty nose.

Daddy being a goof like usual!

Cute - Daddy and his girl!
Some of the Activities:

Boys Bonding!
The boys went fishing everyday. They were patient too, because not too much was caught.

We got to play games a lot which was fun! The boys playing poker. I was in on this game only for a little because i kept talking and wasn't paying attention enough for the guys to keep me in the game, oh well.

Ultimate Frisbee was a daily ritual. They would play for hours!

The little ones made a gingerbread house..... not lookin so pretty! But they didn't care, they ate more candy than they put on the gingerbread house and it took them over an hour! :)

Will, Lilly and Lauren playing and biking with Mimi!

Lilly and Lauren
Family Photo Shoot Night

The older boy cousins... we couldn't get Zac to stand there on his own. Maybe next year.

Abby and her favorite family member - Poppi! She just loved him!!!!

Mommy and Abby!

Couple Pictures!

Jen and Shaun

Christy and Scott

Josh and I

Mimi and Poppi
(Thanks for taking us here, we had a blast!!! - You are so good to us all and we love you!)

All of the cousins. I love this one!!! What great memories!